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Our main emphasis is on the humanities, cultural studies and the social sciences.
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As a publisher of scientific literature, we offer a wide range of contemporary and timeless trade publications, primarily in the humanities and social sciences. Next to our primary goal to promote scientific discourse, we publish an increasing number of current non-fiction books aimed at readers who wish to inform themselves competently about a specific topic to engage in current discussions.

Our diverse program includes monographs, textbooks, conference proceedings, and text editions in many disciplines. Browsing through our publishing program you will find, for example, a first publication of letters from Albert Einstein, a media-scientific review of the innovative TV series "Lost", answers to the question of how you can eat vegan without having to suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency, a thorough examination of the tacit assumptions of the financial market theories, which all claim for themselves to give more or less safe investment advice, a mid-term review of the Merkel government by the political scientists of the Göttinger Institute for Democracy Research, background analysis on Vladimir Putin within our acclaimed series Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society, answers to the question of where we might expect the occurrence of malaria in Germany due to climate change in the coming decades, textbooks on linguistic history within our series Romance Languages and their Didactics, Evolutionary Biology theories on female and male role behavior, a historiographical overall presentation of the history of France as well as a gripping autobiographical story of the 42 days of no man's land of the Free Republic of Schwarzenberg, told from personal experience.

Readers who wish to relax after all these facts with fiction are invited to browse our Edition Noëma.

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