Dimitrova, Maria

Sociality and Justice

Toward Social Phenomenology

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Building on the work of Emmanuel Levinas, this groundbreaking book puts the phenomenological paradigm into a new perspective. Overcoming the focus on self-reflection of the thinking subject and instead arguing for the importance of sociality as a responsibility for the Other, this new approach is based on inter-subjectivity and introduces a social dimension in phenomenology. This also allows for a different interpretation of the notion of justice, which in this context sits in the space between the one, the other, and the third before settling into any relation to the law. In the vast area inhabited by more or less distant others, moral responsibility is implemented through the establishment and maintenance of just institutions.

268 Seiten, Paperback. 2016
ISBN 978-3-8382-0945-6

Stimmen zum Buch:

“Sociality and Justice successfully combines wide erudition with refreshing originality. It provides a thorough scrutiny of the legacy of the greatest moral philosophers of the 20th century with an intriguing as well as inspiring re-interpretation and re-adjustment of the results of that scrutiny to the conditions of the 21st century; in particular to the present-day confrontation of liberalism and communitarianism, perhaps the major issue and challenge which our century will need to face, deal with, and hopefully resolve."
Zygmunt Bauman

“This work offers an alternative approach to political philosophy. Dimitrova takes the reader back to the question of the human condition itself. By means of a new perspective of 'social phenomenology,' she presents the reader with a moral understanding of intersubjectivity and the primordial relation of the I and Other, guided in part by the fundamental insights of Levinas. Professor Dimitrova has produced a masterpiece that requires us to rethink the basis of the human as social animal and its function in the origin and moral maintenance of human society.”
Donald Phillip Verene, Candler Professor of Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy and Director of the Institute for Vico Studies, Emory University

“Sociality and Justice presents an original analysis of the ideal of political universality as it is envisaged in an increasingly globalized context. In her work, Dimitrova defends the thesis that traditional concepts of universality are no longer able to solve the radical problems faced by humanity in view of the hybrid, pluralist, and fragmented character of contemporary social interaction. In mobilizing implications drawn from a creative reading of the thought of Emmanuel Levinas, she provides a provocative and insightful reflection on a central political dilemma of our times.”
Prof. Jeffrey Andrew Barash, University of Amiens, France


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