Fullarton, Lex

Watts in the Desert

Pioneering Solar Farming in Australia's Outback

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This unique book offers an introduction to the development of renewable energy in Australia in the early 2000s. Examining the rise of dispersed, embedded solar energy systems in Western Australia, it looks specifically at the Solex project in Carnarvon, WA, which pioneered the harvest of solar energy from what was once considered the pursuit of the lunatic fringes of society to a viable energy source for mainstream society and industry.
In this fascinating case study Fullarton shows how a practical demonstration of innovative existing technology can have an incredible impact on a national scale. The ideas behind the Solex project slowly became adopted by the broader community and were eventually taken up enthusiastically by the general population of Australia.
Analyzing government and utility policies throughout the 2000s, the book traces how ambivalence was followed by wholehearted incentives to the roll-out of alternative energy and subsequent active opposition to alternative energy in favor of traditional fossil fuel as government philosophies changed.

220 Seiten, Paperback. 2016
ISBN 978-3-8382-0804-6

Stimmen zum Buch:

"I do not know of any other critique of [Australia‘s Renewable Energy Target] scheme as in-depth as this. Not only is it comprehensive and incisive but, in Fullarton‘s usual inimitable way, what he has produced is entertaining reading to boot!"
David Harries, School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Western Australia

"Pioneer is a title earnt, while visionary is a title often claimed, but in reality can only be ascribed by others. Lex Fullarton's efforts in a remote part of Australia reveal him as pioneer of the renewable energy sector Down Under, while his visionary efforts to deliver a solar project in Australia's Outback flew in the face of the conventional wisdom espoused in the Australian Government's 2003 Renewable Energy Target that mostly ruled out the value of solar, and pushed instead in favor of biomass and wind. ‘Fully' was right - the future is clean, and making the most of solar in all ways that we can is the key."
Ray Wills, School of Earth and Environment, University of Western Australia


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