Fox, Paul und Melikoglu, Koray (Hrsg.)

Formal Investigations

Aesthetic Style in Late-Victorian and Edwardian Detective Fiction

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The essays in this revised and expanded volume explore a variety of structuring taxonomies, the relationships between the aesthetic forms, styles and methodologies of detective and crime fiction in the late-Victorian and Edwardian period. The influences on the artists in the genre are as varied as the interests of the period in scientific method, forensics, archaeology, aesthetics, medicine, and the paranormal. But the formalizing tendencies of investigative process remain, and it is this adherence, in artist and detective alike, to seeing crime and its resolution as a stylistic imposition of structure on disorder that is under examination.

286 Seiten, Paperback. 2014, 2. Auflage (1. Auflage 2007)
ISBN 3-89821-593-8
ISSN 1614-465

Featured Reviews:

“These important essays underscore how much our understanding of genre owes to the influence of mass culture on the establishment of literary hierarchies.”

English Literature in Transition
51.4 (2008)

“This collection's contribution to the study of detective fiction is undeniable. The reconsideration of well-known authors and works provide truly new analysis of the individual's relationship to the genre. [. . .] The varied approaches and interests of the contributors to this collection made for an informative and enjoyable read, particularly regarding the lesser-known detectives of the period.”
British Association for Victorian Studies, Book Reviews  

“an engaging and informative contribution to the study of detective fiction”

Victorian Review
35.1 (2009)

“a number of conceptually assured essays”
Year's Work in English Studies 88.1 (2009)

"[T]he material is thoroughly-researched and well-presented within the individual chapters, providing the reader both an introduction to and academic discussion of late-Victorian and Edwardian detective fiction."

British Association for Victorian Studies, 04/2008

Formal Investigations is a welcome and stimulating addition to the field of detective fiction studies.”

IASL Online, 07/2008



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