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Decadences - Morality and Aesthetics in British Literature

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This revised and expanded volume examines the intersections of aesthetics and morality and asks what Decadence means to art and society at various moments in British literature. As time passes, the definition of what it takes to be D/decadent changes. The decline from a higher standard, social malaise, aesthetic ennui – all these ideas presume certain facts about the past, the present, and the linear nature of time itself. To reject the past as a given, and to relish the subtleties of present nuance, is the beginning of Decadence.
The conflict underlying the contributions to this collection is that of society`s moral contempt vis-a-vis the focus on the fleeting present on part of the purportedly decadent artists; who in turn thought the truly decadent to be the stranglehold society maintained on individual interpretation and the interpretation of oneself.

430 Seiten, Paperback. 2014. 2. Auflage (1. Auflage 2006)
ISBN 3-89821-573-3
ISSN 1614-4651

Featured Reviews:

“The vigorous endurance of fin-de-siècle ideas is apparent in this welcome collection of fifteen essays. (. . .) This collection shows that Decadent studies are in no danger of decline.”

English Literature in Transition,
1880-1920 51.2 (2008)


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