Agarin, Timofey (ed.)

When Stereotype Meets Prejudice: Antiziganism in European Societies

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Antiziganism is a widespread phenomenon in all European societies. Poor or rich, ‘postcommunist’ or ‘traditional’, North or South, with ‘lean’ or ‘thick’ welfare systems-all European societies demonstrate antiziganist prejudice.
All across Europe Romanis are among the poorest, most destitute, and most excluded communities. Widespread prejudice and stereotypical representations of Romani individuals limit their chances for participation in democratic decision making processes and their access to services. Unable to counteract majority stereotypes systematically, more often than not they remain on the fringes of society. This edited volume asks where these stereotypes and prejudices come from, why they are ubiquitous to all societies, and how pertinent their impact on antiziganist attitudes found in European societies really is.

260 Seiten, Paperback. 2014
ISBN 978-3-8382-0588-5

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"[The book] makes an important contribution to the literature about the root causes of Romani exclusion. It does so neatly by drawing attention to the underlying norms guiding the so-called “mainstream” society. This book is likely to be of interest to readers with a concern for ethnic politics and especially to those who seek a more systematic understanding of identity-based exclusion related to Roma or any minority group."
Tina Magazzi, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, June 2015


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