Angelescu, Irina, Gherghina, Sergiu und Flather, Paul (eds.)

Facets of Migration in Contemporary Europe

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Specific Challenges

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The literature on migration realities in Europe is usually centered around the role played by the EU on member states' migration policies. In order to offer a comparative cross-country approach, previous research often allows too much to fall through the cracks. Facets of Migration in Contemporary Europe: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Specific Challenges directly addresses this issue. Through its multidisciplinary approach, it includes contributions ranging from policy-oriented chapters dedicated to the role of low-skilled and 'illegal' migrants to the securitization of migration in Europe as well as the role of Diasporas and language policies for the integration of migrants. The central theme of the volume is that experiences of migration in Western European countries can help the emerging countries of immigration in Central and Eastern Europe to improve their migration policies and living conditions.

288 Seiten. Paperback. 2010
ISBN 978-3-8382-0091-0


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