Lassila, Jussi

The Quest for an Ideal Youth in Putin's Russia II

The Search for Distinctive Conformism in the Political Communication of Nashi, 2005-2009

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With a preface by Kirill Postoutenko

The so-called Democratic Antifascist Youth Movement “Nashi” represents a crucial case of a post-Orange government-organized formation whose values have broad support in Russian society. Yet, at the same time, in view of the movement’s public scandals, Nashi was also a phenomenon bringing to the fore public reluctance to accept all implications of Putin’s new system. The Russian people’s relatively widespread support for his patriotic policies and conservative values has been evident, but this support is not easily extended to political actors aligned to these values. Using discourse analysis, this book identifies socio-political factors that created obstacles to Nashi’s communication strategies. The book understands Nashi as anticipating an “ideal youth” within the framework of official national identity politics and as an attempt to mobilize largely apolitical youngsters in support of the powers that be. It demonstrates how Nashi’s ambivalent societal position was the result of a failed attempt to reconcile incompatible communicative demands of the authoritarian state and apolitical young.

“At a time when Russia’s political leadership is confronting an increasingly mobilized society, this book helps us understand the communication strategies used by pro-Kremlin groups in their efforts to garner the support of youth for the Putin-centered regime. Capturing Nashi’s own ‘voices,’ this intriguing and detailed analysis of Nashi’s self-image and web-based outreach strategies sheds light on the mechanisms of political-patriotic mobilization in semi-authoritarian regimes, as well as on their unintended consequences.”

Valerie Sperling, Professor of Political Science, Clark University

2. erweiterte Auflage (1. Auflage 2012)
228 Seiten, Paperback. 2014
ISBN 978-3-8382-0415-4
ISSN 1614-3515

Featured Reviews:

"The findings presented here suggest that further studies of Nashi’s rank and file members or regional organizations would provide even greater insights into the evolution of Putinism and youth policy."
Regina Smyth, Anthropology of East Europe Review, no. 31, Spring 2013

"[B]oth volumes succeed admirably in providing insightful portraits of the language, politics, and agenda of Russia’s youth movements during the Putin years."

The Russian Review
(vol. 72, no. 4, Oct. 2013) on (Mijnssen (2012): "The Quest for an Ideal Youth in Putin's Russia I" (ISBN 978-3-8382-0368-3)) and Lassila (2012): "The Quest for an Ideal Youth in Putin's Russia II" (ISBN 978-3-8382-0415-4))

"Die Studie bemüht sich um eine tiefgehende Auseinandersetzung mit dem Phänomen Naši im Russland der Nullerjahre, wobei der Autor sehr interessantes empirisches Material verarbeitet."
OSTEUROPA, 12/2013

"Both monographs are significant studies that unpick this very interesting phenomenon of contemporary Russia, providing important insights into the political instrumentalization of youth under the country’s authoritarian regime."
Slavonica, Vol. 19, Nr. 2 (Oktober 2013)

"As a whole, this book makes an important contribution to the investigation of the Russian youth movement so closely related to the Kremlin."
Natalia Khalymonchik, Europe-Asia Studies, 6/2016


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34,90 EUR
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