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Umland, Andreas (Hrsg)

The Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in Russia

Philosophical, Legal, and Empirical Studies

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In 1996, the Russian Federation became a member of the Council of Europe. Two years later, the Russian parliament ratified the Council's major document - the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).
These papers were presented at a conference at Yekaterinburg in spring 2001. The collection represents a snapshot of Russian and Western approaches to human rights protection at a moment when Russia was going through a first phase of adaptation of the political system created by Boris Yeltsin to the new modes of state-society relations being introduced by Vladimir Putin.
Sergey Alexeyev on human rights and Modernity; Rainer Arnold on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights; Valery Mikhailenko on ethnic separatism; Julia Kharlamova on the impossibility of an ECHR-implementation in Russia; Yekaterina Khodzhayeva on human rights discourses in Tatarstan's mass media; Anatoly Azarov on the Russians' knowledge about the ECHR; Manja Hussner on the incorporation of international treaties into Russian law; Marat Salikov on the Constitutional Court; Anton Burkov on the detention of mentally ill persons; Igor Shirmanov on ambiguities in Russian legal norms; Olga Selikhova on human rights issues in the regions; Olga Aleksenko on the Human Rights Commission of Rostov; Yelena Goncharova on the right to a fair trial; Tatyana Gladkova on the Sverdlovsk Oblast Ombudsman; Andrey Lyamzin on Yekaterinburg's detention system; Andreas Umland with Oxana Stouppo on Western policies towards Russia.

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"Full of examples, experiences and valuable observations which could provide the basis for new strategies."
Diana Schmidt, Neprikosnovennyi zapas

228 Seiten, Paperback. 2004
ISBN 3-89821-387-0
ISSN 1614-3515


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