McCajor Hall, Timothy und Read, Rosie

Changes in the Heart of Europe

Recent Ethnographies of Czechs, Slovaks, Roma, and Sorbs

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With an afterword by Zdenek Salzmann
SPPS Band 23

From WW II until the Velvet Revolution, few outside anthropologists had access to Czechoslovakia, while only a handful of Czech and Slovak ethnologists published in Western journals. In recent years, anthropological interest in Slovakia and the Czech Republic has increased substantially. This volume brings together a broad sample of recent cutting-edge ethnographic studies by Czech and Slovak ethnographers as well as American and western European anthropologists.
Contents: Raymond June on measuring "corruption" in Czech society; David Karjanen on structural violence and economic change in Slovakia; Karen Kapusta-Pofahl, Hana Hasková, and Marta Kolárová on women's civic organizing; Rebecca Nash on Czech feelings about social support and welfare reform; Denise Kozikowski on women's experience of breast cancer; Vera Sokolová on population policy and the sterilization of Romani women in Czechoslovakia, 1972-1989; James Quin on pornography and the commodification of queer bodies in Slovakia; Ben Hill Passmore on working women in a Moravian factory; Krista Hegburg on Roma social workers; Zdenek Uherek and Katerina Plochová on ethnic Czechs in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Leos Satava on ethnic identity and language among Sorbian youth; Haldis Haukanes on history and autobiography in a Czech village; Davide Torsello on memory, geography, and local history in southern Slovakia; Peter Skalnik reviews Czech and Slovak community (re)studies in a European context.

354 Seiten, Paperback. 2006
ISBN 3-89821-606-3
ISSN 1614-3515

Stimmen zum Buch:

Changes in the Heart of Europe is an interesting collection of essays, especially because the book covers a variety of topics including, civil society, gender, minority issues and memory in the post-communist context of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.”

CEU Political Science Journal, vol. 5, issue 4, December 2010


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