Brown, Llewellyn

Beckett, Lacan and the Voice


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The voice traverses Beckett's work in its entirety, defining its space and its structure. Emanating from an indeterminate source situated outside the narrators and characters, while permeating the very words they utter, it proves to be incessant. It can alternatively be violently intrusive, or embody a calming presence. Literary creation will be charged with transforming the mortification it inflicts into a vivifying relationship to language. 
In the exploration undertaken here, Lacanian psychoanalysis offers the means to approach the voice's multiple and fundamentally paradoxical facets with regards to language that founds the subject's vital relation to existence. Far from seeking to impose a rigid and purely abstract framework, this study aims to highlight the singularity and complexity of Beckett´s work, and to outline a potentially vast field of investigation

470 Seiten, Paperback. 2016
ISBN 978-3-8382-0819-0

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Stimmen zum Buch:

"[...] the first convincing Lacanian interpretation of Beckett. The handling of Beckett’s bilingual oeuvre with the combination of the best of both French and English readings of Lacan and Beckett gives it an impressive sweep. It is also a landmark study for extending the Lacanian
category of the voice into the literary domain."
Arka Chattopadyhay,, 9 (2016)


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