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Projects That Flow

More Projects in Less Time

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QuiStainable Business Solutions 2

Projects can go over budget, exceed deadlines, or deliver restricted features and quality. This can result in economic damage for companies and their clients.
The difficulties arise at source. Established metrics and management methods slow projects down by creating conflicts in operations and decision-making.

A radically new approach is needed; one that features
• simple, constraint-oriented management,
• clear, robust priorities,
• company-wide rather than locally focused optimization,
• a focus on speed, on ProjectsFlow.

Discover how you can:
• complete more projects with the same amount of resources,
• reliably deliver all projects to specs,
• significantly shorten project lead times.

416 Seiten, Hardcover. 2015
ISBN 978-3-8382-0699-8
ISSN 2199-2975


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