Fedor, Julie; Greene, Samuel; Härtel, Andre; Makarychev, Andrey; Umland, Andreas; Khromeychuk, Olesya

Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society 2:1

Vol. 2, No. 1 (2016)

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SPECIAL ISSUE: Gender, Nationalism, and Citizenship in Anti-Authoritarian Protests in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

This special issue focuses on gender dynamics in protest movements that occur in patriarchal, authoritarian and semi-authoritarian societies. Themes covered include the place of feminist and gender equality movements in democratically restricted environments, intersections between feminism and nationalism, the relationship between nationality and sexuality, the question of political agency of non-mainstream groups in the context of protest activity, and the dilemmas of conducting qualitative research while participating in a protest.
The journal features contributions by scholars, gender equality activists, and artists, and provides a wide-ranging discussion of recent and ongoing protest movements in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.


Olesya Khromeychuk:
Negotiating Protest Spaces on the Maidan: a Gender Perspective

Tamara Martsenyuk:
Sexuality and Revolution in Post-Soviet Ukraine: Human Rights for the LGBT Community in the Euromaidan Protests of 2013-2014

Darya Malyutina:
Ethical Concerns in Activist Ethnography: the Case of Ukrainian Protest Activism in London and a Russian Female Researcher

Evgenia Ivanova:
Between Being Witty and Being Pretty: Paradoxes of Female Political Participation in Post-Soviet Eastern Europe

Olenka Dmytryk:
“I’m a Feminist, Therefore…”: the Art of Gender and Sexual Dissent in 2010s Ukraine and Russia

Nadia Plungian:
Feminist Art in Russia in 2014–15: the Problem of the “Turn to the Right”

“Wait a Minute, You’re a Woman!”. Interview with Maria Berlins’ka

Iryna Kosovs’ka:
Review: Women at War

Cai Wilkinson on Francesca Stella;
Katherine Bowers on  Jenny Kaminer;
Catherine Baker on Stephen Amico;
Laura A. Dean on Irina Mukhina;
Dafna Rachok on Marian J. Rubchak;
Connor Doak on Russell Scott Valentino;
Rustam Gadzhiev on Valerie Sperling; 
Anna Shadrina on Jennifer Utrata;
Anders Åslund on Steven Lee Myers;
Shahram Akbarzadeh on Thomas W Simons, Jr;
Ulrike Gerhardt on  Ieva Astahovska et al.

284 pages, Paperback. 2016
ISSN 2364-5334


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