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Fischer, Sabine und Pleines, Heiko (Hrsg.)

Crises and Conflicts in Post-Socialist Societies

The Role of Ethnic, Political and Social Identities

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Changing Europe 4

Post-socialist transformations in Central and Eastern Europe have been characterised by historically shaped crises and conflicts on all levels of political, economic and societal life. Minority and ethno-political conflicts, many of them currently at a stalemate, have severely hampered state-building and societal stability - and continue to do so. Contradictory interpretations of history prevent societies from forging a common identity and thus impede nation-building processes. Political and social identities exert an important influence on democratic and socioeconomic transformation processes.
Taken together, the contributions in this volume reflect the wide variety of challenges and conflicts linked to ethnic, national, political, social and gender identities in post-socialist societies in Central and Eastern Europe. They not only serve to illustrate the significant differences among post-socialist transformations, but also highlight the variety of theoretical concepts and methodological approaches that can be used to analyse identity, its change and impact on societal developments.
This book presents some of the best papers presented at the Changing Europe Summer School on Crises and Conflicts in Eastern European States and Societies: Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones for Democratisation?" held in Warsaw in September 2007.

224 Seiten. Paperback. 2008
ISBN 978-3-89821-855-9
ISSN 1863-8716


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